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- Property Investment Platform -

The investment fund making use of a residential real estate platform.


Great Capital Partners is an investment fund focused on the international residential and HMO property market. Each property is sourced 35-50% Below Market Value (BMV).

As the number of Sourcing Partners is increasing in different European countries, Great Capital Partners is ranking the greatest investment opportunities in the global property market first.

Our proprietary online tool Proranq®, performs calculations, data processing and automated reasoning tasks to rank the properties with the highest yield on top. By making use of this unique in-house developed application the real estate opportunities acquired Great Capital Partners is among the first to decide when and where to invest.


High yield property investment opportunities  are selected based on favourable demographics.

Clear facts remove the emotional connection to the property. Putting the numbers first creates clear decision making and a high return on investments.

We find the #1 investment opportunity based on yield and cashflow first.

Via our smart network and online platform we perform calculations, unique data processing and automated reasoning tasks to rank the properties presenting the highest yield investment opportunity first.

Significant number of investment opportunities presented by our sourcing agents and limited competitors that have cash funding to act fast in this market promise continued growth records.

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