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Property under Market Value

There are certain indicators distinguishing a great property deal from a basic one. The seller must have a sense of urgency to dispose the property. Often the property goes to auction, but our trained sourcing partners know how to lay ahold of these properties before they are presented to the general public.

Sourcing Partners

The sourcing partners are Great Capital Partners trained property deal finders operating in their home market. They discover property investment opportunities 35% or more below market value, supported  by their existing network of local individuals, bankers, lawyers, auctioneers, and repossession experts.

Sourcing Partner Approval Process (SPAP)

Sourcing partners must qualify and pass yearly tests. SPAP is a customer focused process approach to provide evidence that all property records and specific requirements are properly understood by the sourcing organization. The process also ensures the property has the potential to produce the expected pre-set required returns before, during, and after the completion of the deal.


Specialized web based portal where sourcing partners upload their proposed real estate deals. After entering all the property relevant variables, the custom-built algorithm ranks the deals with the highest return first. Due to this professional ranking system and the direct cash availability, Great Capital Partners has the unique capability to acquire the #1 property investment opportunities in the fastest way possible.

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