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Questions & Answers

 Why I should invest in this Great Capital Investment Fund?

Why invest in Great Capital Investment Fund?

  1. a fixed annual net return of 4%, paid out quarterly.

  2. Supervised by the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (Autoriteit FinanciëleMarkten – AFM).

  3. Access to a high number of below market value, residential properties.

  4. Our mobile application Proranq® ranks the best investment opportunities through our accurately developed algorithm and location information.

  5. Underlying properties in the Great Capital Investment Fund serves as collateral.

  6. A safe, secure, and proven investment model thanks to the experience in building a multi-million property portfolio by our seasoned management team.

What effect will a possible Brexit have on my investments?

The Brexit plans do not have a significant effect on the local real estate sector in the United Kingdom until date. Therefore, no reasonable effect is measured in our investment results.

Average house prices remain on the rise across the country by approximately 3​%, year to date. The greatest impact of the Brexit is expected in the areas in and surrounding London, which is not a market the Great Capital Investment Fund is targeting. 

Can I invest less than EUR 100.000,=?

The Great Capital Investment Fund has to comply with the AFM registration regime. Therefore, the minimum investment amount is € 100.000,= per investor.

How do you cover the currency exchange risks?

Great Capital Investment Fund has developed a solid hedging strategy that covers the currency exchange risk and provides its investors security on their investments.


How do I subscribe?

On-boarding starts by filling out the Investor Subscription Form on this website. Each investor enters the Great Capital Investment Fund on a quarterly basis.

The number of participations you receive for your investment at entry is determined by the valuation of the fund at that point in time, by our Fund Administrator.

Are you investing outside the United Kingdom?

Currently, Great Capital Investment Fund is fully operational 

in the Netherlands as well as the United Kingdom.  Due to real estate being a safe and secure European asset class we will acquire properties in Germany, Spain, and other European countries in the near future.

Focusing on areas that meet our requirements of favorable

demographics and historical success rates and return on investments. 

How about your AML and KYC policies?

Great Capital Investment Fund uses a strict policy aimed at the prevention of money laundering and will therefore require a conformation of the identity of every investor. On-boarding is performed by our fund administrator.

Is there a continuous flow of under the market valued properties to meet Great Capital Partners’ demand?

Yes, our large network of sourcing partners provides us multiple investment opportunities in below market value properties every day. In addition, we are able to integrate every attractive market around the globe thanks to our scalable online platform Proranq®.

Therefor we envision Great Capital Investment Fund to grow into a € 100 million investment fund by year 2022.

Does Great Capital Partners invest in different real estate classes?

No, Great Capital Investment Fund invests in residential real estate solely and does not invest in commercial, agriculture or leisure properties, nor real estate development projects. Any changes to the investment objectives will be announced to the investor one month prior to becoming effective.

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